Rc Paramotor Kit ARTF Hybrid 3.0 / Backpack L / Lucas Pilot


Rc Paramotor Kit ARTF Hybrid 3.0 / Backpack L / Lucas Pilot

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Rc Paramotor Kit ARTF Hybrid 3.0 / Backpack L / Lucas Pilot

This kit including Hybrid 3.0 wing is ideal for all kind of pilots who like bigger wings. if you are a beginner it is the perfect wing, due to its tolerance to pilot’s mistakes, the wing ease the handling. Expert pilots are not left aside, you will enjoy its flexibility, its smoothness and the way the wing quickly reacts during difficult situations. With this full kit you decide whether you want to fly paramotor or pure soaring. In less than 2 minutes your paramotor set is finish. For this you fix pilot Lucas on the backpack and it is ready to take off. Careful though not to be hypnotized by the visual signature of the wing during your long flights hours.


The Hybrid 3.0 is a total new special Opale Design developed with the combination of singleskin and doubleskin technology, Hybrid 3.0 provides the advantages of each of those: wing inflating now becomes easier, it’s speed is increased even in strong wind conditions and its profile leads to better performances. The stability is not either outdone, improved by DS-Technology, its Sharknose profile, used for closed cells. Piloting accuracy is also significantly increased, meaning really fun flight sensations that will make you enjoy your long flight hours!

Hybrid 3.0 wing features:
– Flat area : 3.0m² / 32.29ft²
– Wingspan : 4.0m / 13.12ft
– aspect ratio : 5.3
– Cells: 32

Hybrid 3.0 content:
– 1x Hybrid 3.0 wing
– 1x fabrics repair kit
– 1x bridle repair kit
– 1x breathable innerbag
Lucas pilot user's manual


Combined with Lucas Pilot for the realistic touch, this rc paramotor kit will lead you through the enjoyments of rc paramotoring !

Lucas pilot features:
– Scale: 1:4
– Height: 45cm / 17.72in
– Material: Strong polyurethan resin / PU Nylon for clothings
– Weight: 1.3kg / 2.87lb (without ballast)

Lucas ARTF kit content:
– 1x pilot Lucas Naked
– 1x flying suit
– 1x harness
– 2x Hitec HS805 24kg.cm (20.83lb.in) Servomotors
– 1x ballast 1kg / 2.20lb
– 2x inox buckles
Lucas pilot user's manual


Due to its large scale, the way of piloting is the same like a real paramotor. As our standard, all the parts are made only with high quality materials and designed for a strong uses.
A lot of settings are possible:
– Adjusting the angle of the frame (due to many towpoint fixations) : it gives a perfect balancing
– Many differents sizes of motors could be used : more efficiency and power
– Optional Speedbar system
– Optional Rescue Parachute
– Optional Landing gear
– Can be controlled without pilot (with a servo holder)

Backpack L  features:
– Size : 35x35x24cm / 13.78×13.78×9.45in
– Max propeller diameter : 33cm / 13in
– Materials : Aluminium / Acier
– High resistance epoxy coating
– Empty weight: 1,3kg / 2.87lb
– Max weight : 5kg / 11.02lb

Backpack L content:
– 1x backpack L frame
– 1x hardware kit
– 1x prop ring
Backpack L user's manual

– Hybrid 3.0 wing
– Backpack L
– Backpack L motor kit (motor+ESC+propeller)
– Lucas Pilot ARTF

– LiPo Battery 6s 3700 to 6000mAh  and 2s 800mAh.
– Mixer for RC paramodels
– Remote Control+RX
– Battery charger