Rc Paramotor Kit Hybrid 1.8 / Backpack M2 / Max pilot


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RC Paramotor Backpack M2 / HYBRID 1.8 / MAX Pilot ARTF kit

One of our favorite!  Hybrid 1.8 in combination with BackPack M2 and Max pilot will make your future flights easy as pie !! An easy and perfect setup dedicated to pilots willing to begin RC paramotor with a wingspan close to 3 meters.   A versatile and easy to get kit that can be ready to fly in the blink of an eye.
Planned for:
– 200% beginners willing to begin Rc paramotor in all simplicity.
– aerobatics thanks to the hyper resisting Backpack M2, equipped with its anti-torque prop-ring that cancel torque effect, and Hybrid 1.8 ease of piloting.
– large battery capacity and powerful Hybrid 1.8 = long flight times, from 30 to 40 minutes ! (with a 3S 5000 mAh battery)


Looking for an easy-to-fly wing to begin with RC Paramotor/Paragliding? Opale Paramodels brings to you the brand new Hybrid 1.8, the ideal multi-purpose stuff for outdoor flying, as well in paragliding use as paramotor, 200% suitable for beginners, intermediate pilots and acrobatic trick performers ! Everyone finds what he looks for with Hybrid 1.8!

Hybrid 1.8 wing features:
– Flat area : 1.8m² / 19.38ft²
– Flat wingspan : 300cm / 9.84ft
– Ratio: 5
– Cells: 23

Hybrid 1.8 content:
– 1 Hybrid 1.8 wing
– 1 fabrics repair kit
– 1 bridle repair kit
– 1 innerbag
Hybrid 1.8 wing user's manual


Opale Paramodels is glad to introduce you the new Backpack M2. Designed for intensive and playful use, this new jewel of a mind-blowing realism will surprise you with all its possibilities of extension. Backpack M2 is the only RC paramotor frame on the market to provide such features.

Backpack M2 features :
– Dimensions: 29x29x29cm / 11.42×11.42×11.42in  (without landing gear)
– Empty mass: 650gr (1.43lb) to use with a pilot
– Materials: Aluminium/Composit Materials
– Epoxy paint

Backpack M2 content:
– 1 backpack M2 frame
– 1 hardware kit
– 1 Prop-ring
Backpack M2 user's manual


Completely realized in high-strength resin. Max pilot offers piloting possibilities never seen before.

Due to its specific geometry, it is able to accommodate two micro servo in his legs to accelerate the wing and to put the pilot weight to the side of the harness.
Thus, you will fly your canopy as a true paraglider!
Max is equipped with a resistant and highly detailed harness which makes it very realistic!

Max ARTF kit content:
– 1 pilot Max with 2*arms
– 1 flying suit
– 1 harness
– 2 inox Buckles
– 2 servos 10kg/cm (8.68lb.in)
– 700gr of ballast (1.54lb)
Max pilot user's manual


– 1 Hybrid 1.8 wing
– 1 Backpack M2
– 1 Opale 380/630W Brushless motor kit (motor+ESC+propeller)
– 1 Max pilot ARTF

– LiPo 3S (2600 to 5000mAh)
– Transmitter 2.4Ghz with receiver
– Mixer for Rc paramodels
– Battery charge