Rescue DJI Inspire 1


Rescue Kit for DJI Inspire 1

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Rescue Kit for DJI Inspire 1

Rettungsschirm / Parachute für DJI Inspire1

Need some optimal safety level for your DJI Inspire 1? Opale Paramodels brings to you the solution whis this brand new parachute kit!

Easy to install (about 15 minutes without modifications on the machine) and piloted by a servomotor, the parachute ejection system for DJI Inspire 1 provide an optimal safety without using neither spring nor gas, nor pyrotechnics: the easier a system is, the more efficient it is!
Thanks to its weak sink rate (report to the table above), parachute ejection kit for DJI Inspire 1 minimize the risks as well for your environment as your aircraft.
Due to its optimized aerodynamism, the kit does not change your DJI Inspire flight characteristics.
The Parachute is made with our high quality standard (same as human parachute), which are now well know through the world.

The kit is compatible with every PPM signal (2,4 Ghz receiver, Arduino, autonomous module…)

total weight (in Kg) 2 2,5 3 3,5 3,8
Sink rate (in Meter/second) 4,2 4,5 5,1 5,6 5,9
Impact energy (in Joules) 17,7 23,3 39 54,9 66,2

Ejection system
Weight : 150gr
Servomotor : under 6.0V
Material : Epoxy G10 FR4

Parachute 1.8sqm:
Weight: 80gr
Fabric: Silicon nylon 20D 32gr/sqm
Bridles: Dynema & Aramid
Tore resistance: 600N (equivalent 60kg)

Includ in this kit:
Ejection system with servomotor
High end parachute 1,8sqm
Pod S2
Aramid / Kevlar Straps

Required and not included:
Transmission Module ( TX / RX ) with PPM Output